You should start listening to music in the morning NOW

Both musicians and non-musicians frequently listen to music as a habit. Most of us find that listening to music is therapeutic because it allows us to let our thoughts wander to new heights. In my experience, there is one time of the day that most people skip over. The morning. Have you ever thought about all the benefits of listening to music in the morning? In this article, we’ll examine the advantages of listening to music first thing in the morning.

A picture of trees outside of my window in the morning
My morning view from my window

The Benefits of Morning Music for Mindfulness

A successful musician’s life must include mindfulness practice. You may gain a better perspective, break free from your own self-perpetuating mental conversation, and be more productive throughout the day.

It’s a good idea to spend a few minutes each morning in quiet reflection, but if you do it in the early morning silence and darkness, you’re inviting yourself to go back to sleep. Playing some music may be a terrific approach to get your head going and support you in having a positive, thoughtful attitude throughout the day.

The Creative Effects of Morning Music

Music not only aids in bringing about a reflective state of mind, but it can also be a fantastic instrument for developing creative ideas. It may first appear as though you are getting ahead of yourself if you focus your efforts on something like creativity while you are still having trouble keeping your eyes open. However, for many creative people, the fogginess of the very early morning is the ideal time for them to practice their skill.
For instance, Ernest Hemingway was known for starting his writing sessions early in the hope that he would grow to like it as he wrote. Before your brain completely awakens in the morning, it’s a great idea to ignore the analytical, critical portion and just start creating.
As a musician, playing music as soon as you get out of bed may be a terrific way to jolt your foggy brain and inspire your creative side.

Selfie of me Den in his bedroom studio using DT700 headphones in the morning

Morning music gets your pulse rate up

Physiologically speaking, music not only heals but also may put you in a rhythm. A excellent approach to get your blood pounding and lungs breathing is to listen to music while your brain and body awaken.

A good song can produce:

  1. Good respiration.
  2. A steady heartbeat.
  3. Increased heart output
  4. Outstanding blood pressure.

This has long been known in the history of music science. To put it another way, music is a superb technique to establish the rhythm of your body’s everyday activities.

Morning music helps you focus differently

Finally, when all of these factors are considered together, music gives a musician a special degree of attention from the very start of the day. It doesn’t jolt you out of sleep like a cold shower or lull you to sleep like a nice, cozy meditation session when you’re still sleepy.
As you get ready for each day that lies ahead, music gently awakens your body and mind.
Whether you’re using your smartphone to listen while preparing breakfast, listening to the radio while taking a shower, or pairing your Bluetooth with your head unit while driving to work.

A picture of Beyerdynamics DT770 Pro 250 ohm headphones on my desktop.


Finally, I firmly recommend listening to music while getting ready in the morning. To strengthen my claim, Yuna L. Ferguson’s and Kennon M. Sheldon’s study investigates listening to positive music as a happiness-inducing activity that claims it is healthy.



4 Responses

  1. I love that you talked about how listening to a good song when you’re starting your day could improve your blood pressure. Recently, I started working from home, and now I’m able to listen to music when I’m working, so I think I agree with you on how music lifts our spirits and increases our health. Thanks for the information on how music is a great technique to help your brain and body heal.

  2. I like how you mentioned that music can help you heal and put you in a good rhythm. I would imagine that the benefits of listening to music are maximized to music if you are listening to something you like. You probably wouldn’t want to pick music that doesn’t resonate with you.

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